10 Life-Saving Tips Travelers Need To Know About

Traveling the world is an exciting thing to experience but even the slightest inconvenience can turn the experience sour. It might not sound so severe but a simple bite from a mosquito or just a few minutes of exposure to harsh weather can result in severe health complications that could land travelers in medical centers and ruin the entire vacation. While no one wants to experience this, one has to be fully prepared to avoid it. This preparation includes getting armed with the right equipment for the journey and helpful tips such as these.

Every country has its specific emergency contact and in times of great need, knowing a country’s emergency contact can help save a life. With the emergency contact, travelers in danger or difficult situations can get directions to medical centers around the area or even request help.

9 Create An Emergency Backup Plan

Sometimes reaching the local security service or requesting an ambulance might be difficult and this can further complicate certain situations. To avoid getting stranded in difficult situations such as this, create a backup plan for the next action to take. A backup plan can be very important in the unfortunate situation of a stolen or lost bag containing all travel documents and mobile devices.

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8 Minimize The Number Of Valuables You Carry Around

While theft is something one might have to sometimes deal with, misplacing or having some important valuables stolen can leave a person devastated. Such important items should be locked up in safe places so the risks of losing them are reduced. If they are too precious, then it would probably be better to leave them back at home and replace them with the less valuable ones.

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7 Fill Someone In On Your Plans

Filing someone in on your travel plans is a part of an emergency plan as it can help them easily initiate a rescue mission in case they need to. A family member or friend can be a reliable party to send a copy of the travel itinerary.

6 Get Information About The Weather And Environment

The weather differs in different parts of the world hence it is important to always get this information about the destination before visiting. Travelers should always check the weather forecast of a destination before visiting. With this information, they can prepare for whatever they might face. Frostbite and sunburns are some consequences naive travelers face in different parts of the world. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and floods are also weather conditions that can immediately ruin a vacation and put travelers in grave danger. While the weather is one important thing to take into consideration, the physical state of the environment also matters. The destination may be infested with mosquitoes or fed with bad water. Knowing such information beforehand will help travelers stay ahead of the challenges and enjoy a safe vacation.

Not all items require extras but some important ones do. Imagine how helpful an extra battery can be when stuck in an unfamiliar location with a dead battery or how life-saving an extra can of water can be on a hot summer afternoon in the middle of a wilderness hike. Clothes and snacks are some other items that should come with extras.

4 Investigate A Transport Company Before Using It

Not all organized transport companies are good enough to use. Some may be working with scammers to rob or even kidnap the traveler. To avoid getting kidnaped or robbed, research the transport company and thoroughly investigate the vehicle’s information before getting in.

3 Research The Political State Of The Country

Political instability is an issue that affects both citizens and tourists in a country. Just like it would currently be unwise to visit a politically unstable country such as Venezuela or Ukraine, it would also be unwise to go to the country without learning about the country’s current state. Check the local news and see what is going on. If they are currently in the middle of a coup, dangerous elections, or several riots, then it will probably be wise to postpone the trip.

Being aware of one’s surroundings is important to staying safe in an unfamiliar destination. For this reason, travelers should drink responsibly in some destinations, especially when traveling solo to remain alert at all times. It is easier for a drunk person to fall into dangerous situations such as robbery or even kidnappings. When traveling in public transport, travelers should also be aware of their surroundings as well as the people sitting around. Such proximity can be all a pickpocketer needs to pull out some cash from an unsuspecting traveler.

1 Be Willing To Let Go Of Money Or Valuables To Get Out Of Some Situations

It’s just not worth it to stay in some dangerous situations just to prove you’re right. When threatened or faced with risky situations, it is best for travelers to spend some money to get out of such situations. Sometimes a few dollars can save one from serious delay or manhandling by locals. This also applies when faced with an armed robber. It would be wise to just give them what they want rather than getting stabbed or wounded fatally. Sadly, in some countries, even the security personnel threaten tourists just to get money from them. While one can handle this the legal way, it may sometimes lead to difficult situations so just give the bullies some few dollars and move on.

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