20 Things You Shouldn’t Do if You’re Thinking About Vanlife

Helping you be more prepared for vanlife than I was.

I was wildly misinformed about vanlife. When I cashed in on my van-dwelling dreams, I had visions of awe-inspiring road trips, showering outside immersed in nature, and epic sunrise views framed by my billowing curtains and van doors. Like camping but way more comfortable, paired with the freedom to pick up and move at will.

This overly-romanticized version of vanlife does happen on occasion. But the bulk of vanlife is rugged, complicated, frustrating, and chock-full of chores. I’m no stranger to uncomfortable travel. But vanlife brought a whole new meaning to the word “unglamorous.”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret choosing to live in a van, but these are 20 things that I do regret about vanlife.

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