A $220,000 camper van from a company that became a nationwide hit


  • Colorado-based Boulder Campervans recently unveiled a $220,000 custom smart camper van named Lucy.
  • The van was built for a couple that wanted to do full-time #VanLife in Alaska.
  • Boulder has seen almost triple the number of nationwide build inquiries compared to pre-pandemic times.
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Boulder Campervans, a company that recently skyrocketed in popularity nationwide, unveiled its latest $220,000 tiny home on wheels for a full-time #VanLife couple on January 1.

Van life undoubtedly boomed in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic by becoming an alternative travel option as international trips and cruises started seeming less safe. While many customers now want camper vans for weekend warrior excursions in warmer weather, “Lucy” the van was built out for a couple that decided to live in the van full-time in Alaska.

In total, this new four-seasons capable tiny home on wheels took three months to create. Despite the daily disruptions of COVID-19, this timeframe needed to build Lucy wouldn’t have changed if it had been created pre-pandemic, Anna Crider, cofounder and owner of Boulder Campervans, told Insider in an email interview.

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If you’ve been keeping up with road travel news, you’ll know that the coronavirus pandemic initially disrupted manufacturing times for many camper van and RV companies. But unlike other camper van makers that initially had a backlog of builds due to supply chain delays, Boulder’s schedule has been “little to not affected at all by COVID-19,” according to Crider.

If you’re wondering how, the solution is simple: Boulder has been pre-ordering necessary items that could potentially face delayed shipping times.

Keep scrolling to see inside the van:

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