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As Winnie the Pooh stated. “It undoubtably looks like a rather blustery day.” As that silly old bear stated so many years ago, it still rings true. We have seen a lot of blustery days this year with some gusts reaching as high as 116 MPH.

Wind can affect your travels in many ways. The one that comes to most people’s minds is how it can and often does topple big rigs pulling trailers. Even though you may not be driving a semi, you do need to be aware of them in a wind storm.

If you are feeling wind gusts while driving, it could mean that a particularly strong one can hit the semi and tip it over. You need to be careful with them while following or passing them. Watch to see if you see the semi having trouble maintaining its lane. It could mean something
more dangerous is in the near future. Spend as little time around them as possible in case a gust
hits it while you are near.

This goes the same if you are pulling a trailer. Lighter trailers, especially empty ones are more prone to dragging the tow vehicle off the road with it when hit by a gust of wind. Also, make sure your load is secure especially in wind storms. Items that you normally wouldn’t think will blow off your trailer may indeed fly off and possible hit a vehicle or go into the roadway and cause another vehicle to crash.

Those of you who don’t pull trailers or drive semis are not off the hook. Particularly strong winds can move your car into the oncoming lane of travel. I’m sure you’ve felt your vehicle moving around and sometimes finding it hard to maintain your lane. Again, be cautious of wind storms and especially ones with strong wind gusts. If there is a report of possible strong winds, try to adjust your travel plans. Get where you’re going safely.

“Oh, Pooh, there’s more to life than just balloons and honey.”

As always, safe travels!

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