Amex GBT Unveils Carbon-Offset Program for Corporate Clients

American Express Global Business Travel has introduced a carbon-offset purchase program for corporate clients. 

Under the program, corporates can purchase carbon offsets that support projects run by non-profit organizations Foundation and Carbon Footprint.

Those projects feature a variety of price points, geographic locations, associated environmental benefits and types, such as renewable energy, biogas and transport electrification. Each project has been independently verified and accredited, according to the TMC. The amount of carbon associated with travel is calculated by Amex GBT and its carbon offset non-profit partners, which rely on methodologies from regulatory bodies including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and International Civil Aviation Organization.

Corporates would receive a donation e-receipt for payment amounts and a customized e-certificate legally documenting the quantity of carbon offsets purchased and retired with their donations. “Documentary proof is necessary to prove ownership of the carbon offsets as a legal instrument,” said Amex GBT global compliance counsel Nora Lovell Marchant.

The carbon offset program is the sustainability offering by Amex GBT, which last year added sustainability badges for hotels and emission search filters for rail and air in its Neo booking tool.

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