Another Traveling Nurse Fired By Kaiser Permanente

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ms. Nicole Grayson, an African-American traveling nurse and surgical technician, was fired by Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco when she complained about the new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policy reducing the number of masks nurses could use each day and informing her supervisor that she suffered from a chronic autoimmune disorder, a medical condition preventing her from working on the COVID-19 floor. Ms. Grayson has been a successful medical professional for almost ten years and has had multiple contracts with Kaiser.  She was praised continuously for her work performance and offered a raise on her new contracts with Kaiser. However, after her complaints, Kaiser management segregated Ms. Grayson with the only other Black nurse. They both were given excessive workloads, given late lunch breaks, and purposefully relieved well after their scheduled shifts were over.  The remaining team members, who were not African-American, were given much lighter workloads and told to “relax” while Ms. Grayson was retaliated against by her employer.  Eventually, on April 16, 2020, Ms. Grayson was wrongfully terminated. 

Due to Kaiser’s actions, Ms. Grayson has suffered tremendous stress, anxiety, loss of sleep, depression, and economic hardship.  Without her job, she was forced to fly back to New York, in the middle of a pandemic, and quite dangerous with her immunocompromised medical condition. 

“I felt used and taken advantage of. I did not expect this behavior from such a prestigious hospital.  In fact, before my request for additional PPE and accommodation for my medical condition, my boss had talked to me about extending my contract and encouraged me to stay on as a permanent employee.  So being fired was quite surprising and upsetting.”

Fortunately, Nurse Grayson did not contract COVID-19. However, she insists on standing up for her rights. Kaiser discriminated against Ms. Grayson because of her race and medical condition, and their irresponsibility must not be left unchecked. Therefore, on January 12, 2021, Ms. Grayson filed her lawsuit against Kaiser in Alameda County. 

Ms. Nicole Grayson is represented by Walter Mosley and Nathalie Meza Contreras of Mosley & Associates in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Mosley’s brother is a leading interventional cardiologist for Kaiser. 

Mosley & Associates is a victim’s rights law firm located in Los Angeles, CA.  Mr. Mosley, a Harvard Law School graduate, has been successfully representing clients for more than 15 years in California and New York.  For more information

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