Are UAE Covid vaccine takers exempted from coronavirus tests before travel? – News

All your questions about Covid-19 vaccines answered – part 2.

With the UAE having rolled two Covid-19 vaccination campaigns to beat the pandemic, residents have several questions. In response to this, the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention has answered a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to Covid-19 vaccines.

Khaleej Times has broken down the FAQs into two parts. Read the first part about the vaccines, its efficacy, benefits, side effects, etc. here.

Are people who receive the Covid-19 vaccine exempted from home or institutional quarantine?

No, they are not exempted, and they must comply with the instructions and guidelines issued by the authorities concerned.

Are vaccine takers exempted from coronavirus tests?

They are not exempted from doing the test if requested by the authorities concerned.

If I get a vaccine, am I exempted from taking the Covid-19 test before travelling?

No, you are not.

Can I stop taking Covid safety precautions after getting a vaccine?

No, you must continue to adhere to all the recommended precautions such as wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands.

Are there any restrictions after getting the vaccine?

No, there are no restrictions and a person can return to normal life.

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