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Which travel table is best?

Just because you are spending time in the great outdoors doesn’t mean you need to sit on the ground when eating or having a drink with friends. Travel tables are designed with portability in mind, so most are lightweight, easy to set up and carry, and compact when folded up. The G4Free Folding Camp Table is a perfect example of this. The larger model weighs a mere 2.9 pounds yet can still support up to 40 pounds, and it stows away in a convenient carrying bag when you need to take it on the go.

What to know before you buy a travel table


If your main use for your travel table is to eat off of, play a few card games with friends or use as a prep table when cooking outdoors, any kind of simple platform that fits your size requirements should suffice. However, if you’ll be using your travel table for promotional activities or providing a service, such as painting faces at a festival or handing out brochures and signing people up for memberships, you’ll be better served by a travel table that features drawers and various storage compartments, charging ports and other useful features.


There are several properties that factor into how portable a particular travel table is. Consider both the size and weight, as these dictate how easy it is to carry and where you can fit it during transport. Look at other features that can enhance a table’s portability, such as whether or not it has a handle, if it includes a carrying bag and if it is equipped with wheels.


Fabrics such as nylon and polyester are good for use outdoors because they stand up to the elements well and won’t rust. They are very lightweight. However, they can take a while to dry after getting wet and they don’t provide a very stable surface to place things on.

Metal, plastic and wood are easy to dry after getting wet and are stable; however, they weigh more than fabric. Of these, plastic and aluminum are the lightest weight, but many may find wood to be more aesthetically pleasing.

What to look for in a quality travel table


Every travel table should have its maximum weight capacity listed somewhere in the product details. Some can only accommodate as little as 30 pounds, while others can support 100 pounds or more. 


Many travel tables feature a small shelf below the main tabletop that adds storage space. These may be made from the same material as the main table or a different material, such as fabric or mesh.

Cup holders

If you’ll be using your travel table for eating and drinking, choose one with built-in cup holders. These may be on the main table surface or on a lower shelf. The later placement is good because it reserves the main tabletop for food, plates and other items. That said, some may find having their drink on a lower shelf inconvenient.

Adjustable height

If you’d like to use your travel table when standing or sitting, look for a height-adjustable model. These can lock into place at two or more heights to accommodate various uses.

How much you can expect to spend on a travel table

The majority of travel tables cost $25-$100. However, you may have to spend up to $300 or more for a premium option with a lot of drawers and features.

Travel table FAQ

Do travel tables require assembly?

A. Most travel tables require some basic assembly; generally, this only takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t require any tools. Some of the feature-packed models, like those with drawers and wheels, may require a slightly more involved assembly.

Can you leave a travel table set up permanently in your backyard?

A. Most travel tables are designed to withstand regular exposure to the elements, but not on a permanent basis. This means they may quickly rust or degrade in some way if left outdoors at all times. If you plan on using one in your backyard, set it up when needed and put it away in protected storage space afterward. If you don’t want to deal with that, consider opting for a patio table instead.

What’s the best travel table to buy?

Top travel table

G4Free Folding Camp Table

G4Free Folding Camp Table

What you need to know: This travel table is available in two sizes and features a tough high-denier Oxford cloth top and aluminum frame, making it both durable and lightweight.

What you’ll love: Along with four mesh cup holders, it has a small mesh pocket for items you want to keep easily accessible. It sets up in seconds, without the need for any tools.

What you should consider: The soft table top can sag under heavy platters.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top travel table for the money

EXCELFU Folding Camping Table

EXCELFU Folding Camping Table

What you need to know: At 4 feet long, this folding table offers more space than many other models, yet it is lightweight and folds up compactly for convenient transport.

What you’ll love: It is height adjustable for use while sitting and standing, and it features a mesh shelf for a bit of extra storage space.

What you should consider: The tabletop isn’t perfectly level when set up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

KingCamp Bamboo Folding Table

KingCamp Bamboo Folding Table

What you need to know: If you are looking for something more attractive than the average aluminum or fabric model, the KingCamp Bamboo folding table fits the bill.

What you’ll love: The top has a four-point collapsible design that makes it surprisingly compact when folded up. It adds a bit of elegance to your outdoor dining experience.

What you should consider: It is heavier than most other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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