Bike riders and clubs meet monthly, travel throughout Yuma

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – A community bicycle group is traveling throughout the city of Yuma. It’s quite a sight to see that brings people together from all over the region.

928 Bike Life offers the community an escape from your home, especially during this pandemic.

This group has been going strong for about two years now.

Saturday afternoon, more than 200 bicyclists met up near 32nd Street and Avenue B.

People from all over the region are participating in Saturday’s bike ride.

Different bicycle clubs from las vegas and phoenix joined in and even a few BMX riders came out.

Saturday’s ride is very special to the hundreds that came out. The Yuma born Los Psycholists bike club recently lost one of its members. The group is celebrating Max Saldana’s life today by showing up to support his family.

As this community comes together, it reminds them that they are all family.

Saldana and Cinthia Chavez were close friends and she explains why the community is so important.

“Coming together is what family does and the time of need and just any time in general. So we are doing this for Max for Max’s family so that his family at home understands why he loved riding so much why he loved being with us so much and we’re giving back the love to them that they have lost that they no longer have and so that is our goal today is just to come together as a family and provide the support of the family,” Chavez said.

928 Bike Life also involves many small businesses all around town.

If you are interested in riding alongside the community, visit this Facebook group.

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