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Border woes force Australian tour operators to join forces!

Continual border constraints have dented confidence in travel. However, two tour operators on each side of the New South Wales and Victorian borders, are working together to keep travelers moving within state borders.

Sydney based Cocky Guides, Australia’s leader in small group tours for blind and low vision travelers, is working with Melbourne based international tour operator Wandering the World, to continue to deliver accessible day trips for Melbourne’s blind and low vision community.

“Even with all the planning since the start of COVID, we could not anticipate the impact of Melbourne’s second wave lock down, cancelled tours and the associated social isolation our Victorian travelers experienced. It was important to assist our travelers with opportunities to travel as soon as lock down restrictions eased. The second border closure between Greater Sydney and Victoria almost devastated our plans. I was fortunate to have previously met Glenyce Johnson, the owner of Wandering the World, at an industry function, who was more than happy to step in and say we’d love to help your travelers” said the founder of Cocky Guides, James McFarlane.

Wandering the World is leading a day trip from Melbourne to the Bellarine Peninsula this weekend, allowing a group of Cocky Guides blind and low vision travelers to be supported on an adventure that builds confidence and creates social and community participation for Australians that are typically under-served by the tourism industry.

“Pre COVID my team and I led walking tours in Europe, so I am always spruiking the many benefits of a walking holiday. The most rewarding of those is getting up close and personal with the region you walk in. COVID has restricted our movement temporarily. However, this has enabled me to take the time to explore my own neighbourhood and appreciate the little things I had not noticed before. I am excited to share a taste of our Spain and Italy adventures, in the heart of the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula for Cocky Guides and our previous travelers.” said Glenyce

Accessible group adventures for blind and low vision travelers can be found online at Would you prefer to discover fantastic walks around Australia? Visit

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