British Airways Invests in Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plants

British Airways has announced an investment in a commercial sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant in Georgia that should start producing fuel by the end of 2022.

The airline, which has a net-zero emissions target for 2050, is working with SAF technology provider and producer LanzaJet. 

Construction of the Freedom Pines Fuels facility in Georgia is due to begin construction this year. The plant will convert sustainable ethanol made from non-edible agricultural residues such as wheat straw into SAFs.

The airline said the fuel produced at the plant is expected to deliver a reduction of more than 70 percent in greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fossil jet fuel.

BA said it also will work with the company on a plan to build a sustainable aviation fuel plant in the U.K., subject to government support, which could produce SAFs from 2025.

International Airlines Group, BA’s parent company, will invest $400 million in sustainable aviation fuel in the next 20 years.

Sean Doyle, British Airways’ CEO, said: “Despite the crisis in global aviation, it is vital for our future that we continue to address climate change and we remain focused on playing our part to reduce the impact we have on the planet.

“Progressing the development and commercial deployment of sustainable aviation fuel is crucial to decarbonising the aviation industry and this partnership with LanzaJet shows the progress British Airways is making as we continue on our journey to net zero.”

Jimmy Samartzis, LanzaJet’s CEO, said: “With the right support for waste-based fuels, the U.K. would be an ideal location for commercial scale LanzaJet plants. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with BA and the U.K. government in making this a reality, and to continuing our support of bringing the Prime Minister’s Jet Zero vision to life.”

The U.K.’s Jet Zero Council is a partnership between government and industry to drive forward the U.K. government’s net zero-emission ambitions for the aviation and aerospace sector.

Originally published by BTN Europe.

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