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Campervan and motorhome insurance company Staveley Head shared very useful tips for beginners and some other secret hacks for camping and caravan lovers.

In case of cold weather, there is an easy way for campers to insulate the motorhome.

The team at Staveley Head shared te trick: “Bubble wrap can be surprisingly useful!

“You can use it to insulate your motorhome by applying it to the windows.

“Simply fill a spray bottle with water, spray the window and then apply the bubble wrap.

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“The other bonus is that it’s great fun to sit and pop all the air bubbles for kids.”

The camping experts also shared a trick to waterproof the shoes and keep the feet warm.

They advised not to bring too many pairs of shoes in order to save space but to invest in water repellent shoe spray to “avoid getting wet feet”.

“Not only does it keep your feet dry, but it also keeps them clean,” they said.


Head of the campervan and motorhome renting platform Camptoo, Ed Basset, commented: “For first-time campers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when planning a trip.

“Particularly when it comes to what to pack, but there are a number of measures you can take in advance of your trip to ensure the best camping experience possible.

“By planning in advance testing your equipment, pre-preparing food and packing efficiently, you can ensure a hassle-free camping experience, enabling you to enjoy being out in nature, spending time with loved ones and the host of other benefits that camping has to offer.”

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