Chrissy Teigen shares genius mask tip: ‘2021 life hack right here’


Chrissy Teigen knows a thing or two about skincare. Photo / Supplied

Chrissy Teigen may have just solved the problem of maskne.

Teigen, 35, just shared a family snap on Instagram with husband John Legend and their children Luna and Miles on a recent trip to St Barts. And although they weren’t all wearing masks, the model and cookbook author sported a black face mask with a difference.

Turns out she’d placed a pore strip under her mask to combat the acne often caused by covering up those pores.

“Life hack: nose strip under your mask,” she wrote in the caption. “Keep safe AND get those rent free blackheads out.”

The strip she’s used is the affordable Biore Original Deep Cleansing Pore Strip, a pharmacy and supermarket favourite that unclogs pores with C-bond technology.

And fans were loving it.

“2021 life hack right there,” one commented.

And another pointed out that you could also use teeth whitening strips under your face mask.

Last Week, Us Weekly spoke to the famed Dr Pimple Popper Dr Sandra Lee about how to deal with mask acne – also known as maskne. And she had easy solutions to share.

“We all get breakouts from our masks. So I really like to use this little travel size salicylic acid body spray. And what you’ll do is, you just spray the mask.”

Then wave it until it’s dry – and you’ve got a mask that will fight acne and protect against Covid-19 at the same time.

“This is a really great thing because salicylic acid is great to settle down within your pores and help to clear out the dirt and the debris and help prevent blackheads and whiteheads forming that lead to acne,” Lee said.

Although Teigen is known for sharing her delicious recipes, the model has proven she’s also quite the skincare expert – from sharing her must-have products to her daily regimens.

And this hack might just have solved the very 2020 problem of mask acne.

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