Coronavirus Australia live news: Australia extends pause on travel bubble with New Zealand

Questions from the audience

Are regional NSW residents still required to complete Covid testing on Days 1, 5 and 12 to enter south Australia?


Morning, Matt — testing requirements on travellers from regional NSW will be removed.

So I still need to provide neg covid tests to get into SA if I arrive after 12:01am on Sunday?

-Confused Sydneysider

Yes, if you’ve been in Sydney, Wollongong or the Central Coast you will need to submit to PCR COVID-19 tests on days one, five and 12 after arrival in South Australia.

You’ll need to isolate until you receive your first negative test result.

whats happening with plans to house returned travellers outside of capital cities. surely an investment now will help us to cope with future world issues


Earlier this month, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she would consider using mining camps to quarantine international travellers, and planned to raise the issue at National Cabinet.

Speaking after National Cabinet last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Commonwealth was keeping “an open mind”.

“And where there are other facilities we’ve been able to put in place, like particularly the Northern Territory, that’s proven to be quite effective.

“We’ll work with states and territories on their quarantine arrangements, we’ll look at this proposal.

“The Commonwealth keeps an open mind on all of these proposals but, equally, where proposals are being put forward they need to be rigorous and need to address the concerns of local communities, I think that’s only fair.”

Links to actual conferences REALLY helpful

-Can you put link to Danial Abdrews Press Conference please

We had a few technical issues with that link out of Victoria, but you can watch back on the ABC Melbourne Facebook page (you can find that link here).

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