Difficult Travel Expected Tomorrow | News

Talk about a gorgeous day here in Spokane! I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the nice temperatures and sunshine. Overnight tonight we will continue to look for some cloud coverage to move in ahead of our next system. Temperatures should dip around freezing tonight.

Tomorrow will be all about timing and temperatures with that next system moving in. We will have a chance to see rain and snow. That begins to push in during the overnight hours. It does look mostly like rain for us, but in the early morning hours we could start with a rain/snow mix. When we are not seeing raindrops mostly cloudy skies are expected.

This system does have the National Weather Service putting Winter Watches, Warnings and Advisories in place. Winds kicking up are also leaving us with concerns especially into Central Washington. High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories are in place because of this. Winds combined with mountain snow will making traveling across the passes difficult for tomorrow. Please be sure both hands are on the wheel! There are even Avalanche Warnings in place for North Idaho into Montana. That does mean travel in the backcountry is not advised.

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