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(WJHL) — Dispatchers across Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia are reporting hazardous travel conditions as a result of the winter storm.

Many say first-responders have been very busy responding to stranded motorists and crashes.

Here are the road condition reports we have received over the past hour or so:

Bristol, TN

Slick conditions. Not working a large amount of wrecks right now but roads are getting slicker.

Bristol, VA

Officers have said the roads are covered. Not many wrecks right now though.

Carter County

Very slick. Numerous crashes.

Greene County

Unpassable roads. Sending tow trucks and all of the officers are covered up right now.

Hawkins County

Road conditions are poor. First-responders are extremely busy right now. Travel should be avoided.

Johnson County

Roads are pretty snow-covered still. A few wrecks, but no injuries so far.


Extremely slick. They want people to stay home. Not necessarily a lot of wrecks, but a lot of people getting stuck in the road and can’t go anywhere.

Lee County

Roads are not good.

Mount Carmel, TN

Russell County

A lot of snow and hazardous roads. Mainly stranded motorists, not many crashes.

Scott County

Slick. Multiple reports of people sliding off the roadway.

Tazewell County

Roads are pretty snow-covered. Seeing a mixture of wrecks and people getting stuck.

Washington County, TN

“Stay home. There’s wrecks everywhere. Cars are stuck everywhere. People have not heeded our warnings.”

Washington County, VA

Washington County Sheriff’s Office: “Road conditions have deteriorated quickly and all roads are snow covered. There are numerous disabled vehicles across the County. Please stay home!! Please do NOT call 911 to ask about road conditions or report/ask power outages.”

Wise County

Roads are a mess. There are several disabled vehicles clogging up main and secondary roadways. It is snowing and the rain caused a layer of ice under that. They have about 3-4 inches. Asking people not to drive unless they have an emergency.

VDOT: Main roads are snow-covered. Route 160 (between Appalachia and the Kentucky state line) and most secondary highways (those numbered 600+) are snow-covered, slick, and hazardous.  

Unicoi, TN

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