Don’t come to Atlanta for NBA All-Star game

The Hawks reopened State Farm Arena to a limited number of fans (8%, or about 1,300 people) for home games beginning Jan. 26, with safety precautions including mask mandates, contactless entry and security screenings and rapid-response COVID-19 testing for those sitting within 30 feet of the court. Those same safety precautions will be in place for the All-Star game, per a person familiar with the proceedings.

At a media availability Friday, Bottoms told reporters that she knew the NBA was taking safety precautions, but there is still concern over people traveling to the city.

“I know that the NBA is taking all precautions necessary to make sure that they are not the source of a super-spreader event, but we know that there will be people who will travel to Atlanta because the All-Star game will be there,” Bottoms said.

“… On a normal year I’d be really excited at the opportunity to host an All-Star game, but it is a concern for us,” the mayor added.

-Staff writer J.D. Capelouto contributed to this article.

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