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I often dream of living next door to a little bakery like Rye Goods, which opened last month in Lido Marina Village. I imagine waking up at the crack of dawn to the smell of sourdough loaves and sugar-dusted morning buns being pulled from the ovens. Strolling out the front door, still bleary-eyed and with bed-head hair, to pick up a box of warm pastries without having to get in the car and drive, lemon curd sticking to my fingers as I stumble back into my kitchen where a fresh pot of coffee is waiting. 

But this is not Paris, it’s Southern California, so that’s just wishful thinking. En route to Newport Beach, I have to stop and fill the car up with gas first. But my fingers are still sticky with lemon curd, and I’ve got meringue smeared across the tip of my nose as I stumble back into my kitchen with an armful of fresh pastries an hour into my morning adventure. 

If I lived next door, my exploits with Rye Goods would have been more civilized. I would have simply gone to the bakery every day for a couple of weeks, teasing my appetite with something different each morning. Instead I’ve stuffed a couple of boxes with nearly type of pastry they offer — a morning bun filled with lemon curd, a fat blueberry scone, a gigantic lemon-filled doughnut, a pistachio-blueberry swirly thing, a coconut swirly thing, a half dozen chocolate chip cookies, croissants — every single one of which will be eaten by noon, at which point I’ll go back to bed. But when I wake up again, it’s the morning bun that captures my attention most sharply. The bun is made with wild-fermented croissant sourdough, which is rolled with the zest of local Meyer lemons and stuffed with sweet-tangy curd, the whole of which is topped with meringue. 


Rye Goods is a beautiful little shop opened by Sara Lezama, a baker with a passion for slow food who previously operated The Rye Truck. The pastries and bread (nearly a dozen different loaves) she and her team make now appear to be a 10-fold progression of what she was serving from the truck. 

Word of advice: Get there early. On weekends, the bakery has been known to sell out of everything within three hours of opening. Weekdays are much more low-key. 

Rye Goods

Where: 3418 Via Lido, Newport Beach

When: Wednesday-Sunday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Cost: $5.50

Phone: 949-432-5550


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