Explore the U.P.’s Spectacular Eben Ice Caves Near Marquette

The hike (bring your shoe traction!)
The hike from the parking lot to the caves is just under a mile. The first section is flat, through a field, but then you’re in the woods—it’s a lovely, meandering hike through towering trees. We were grateful to have worn shoe traction, though—a tip from a friend—especially as we got closer to the caves and found the ground ice-covered and quite slippery at times. It made the experience way more enjoyable. We like our Kahtoola NANOspikes, but use your favorite kind.

A fair amount of people, including families with happy and excited young kids, milled about the ice caves the day we visited. Seeing the ice caves up close meant climbing a fairly steep slope. But we took our time, made sure our footing was good, and we eventually made our way to the top. It was worth the climb! We spent some time checking out the waterfall-like ice and took lots of pictures. By the time we left, walked back to the parking lot and then on to our car, we had logged four miles—a just-right wintry workout of a hike featuring a memorable Michigan natural experience to boot.

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