Fans offer Cardi B hangover cure tip: Pedialyte, baby

Like many of us, Cardi B wants to wash away the stink of 2020 with a good, old-fashioned liquor buzz.

But being the professional “WAP” queen that she is, the Bronx-born bombshell is taking precautions.

“What do you guys recommend for hangovers?,” Cardi, 28, posted early Wednesday to her 15.9 million Twitter followers with a pair of laughing and crying emojis. “I’m trying to see double on New Year’s Eve but I want to be good In the a.m.”

The “I Like It” rapper’s unofficial social-media experts flooded her with thousands of home-remedy hangover cures, suggesting everything from bananas to coconut water to pickle juice. One fella even proffered a wholesome “glass of chocolate milk with ice.”

But the hot tip that promptly erupted to the top of trending Twitter topics? A popular nutritional supplement often chugged by babies.

“The fact that @iamcardib has Pedialyte trending is right on brand for 2020 LOL,” one amused fan quipped to the Grammy-winning mama of 2-year-old daughter Kulture.

“Gatorade/Powerade/Pedialyte/any electrolytes BEFORE drinking and the next morning,” another wise sage advised.” Full stomach of good s – – t (like, vegetables or fruits or dairy or protein) a few hours before. A little coffee or caffeine during always helps me too.”

“Pedialyte — they make that s – – t for us now!” hyped another helpful fan.

Said fan is correct: It’s not just for babies anymore.

After years as a semi-underground hangover elixir, the parental staple for fighting infant dehydration started being aggressively marketed for adults who indulge in holiday booze binges way back in 2018

That’s when Pedialyte started touting powdered drink packets in cherry and grape flavors. Just add water and experience the “Pedialyte Sparkling Rush” that will “help prevent dehydration caused by vomiting, diarrhea, exercise, travel, and heat exhaustion.”

A glaring omission in the above list: hard holiday drinking, as evidenced by Pedialyte’s Twitter, where followers have long taken to posting pics of their heavily branded New Year’s Eve Pedialyte survival kits.

Many of the online brand ambassadors (a k a hard-drinking adults) point to Pedialyte’s claims that it works better than most sports drinks because it contains two times more electrolytes and two times less sugar. The sugar in Gatorade, Powerade and Vitaminwater can actually make symptoms worse.

“Losing water also means losing electrolytes — essential minerals like sodium and potassium that are responsible for maintaining proper fluid levels in your body, balancing your blood’s pH levels, and firing signals to your nerves and muscles,” reported Abbott, the manufacturer of Pedialyte, upon the product’s launch.

“There’s a reason so many turn to Pedialyte when they need help hydrating — it works,” said Jennifer Williams, a research scientist at Abbott who specializes in hydration, at the time. “Pedialyte is so effective because the levels of electrolytes and carbohydrate are optimal for rehydration.”


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