Four Ways To Soothe Travel Anxiety

Traveling can be an anxiety-inducing activity for anyone, but especially as we begin to travel more after spending so much time away from it. Travel anxiety is also at a high, so here are some ways to soothe it for both the newbie traveler and the traveler returning from their pandemic break.

One of the best things about beginning a travel journey is the anticipation and excitement that comes with it. But these two feelings can dredge up some less positive reactions, like anxiety and nervousness. One tip is to visualize yourself having a good vacation wherever you’re going; imagine sitting in a lounge chair on the beach of that awesome resort, hiking up a waterfall or just generally enjoying your vacation. This visualization technique can help you as a traveler focus more on the future in a positive way.

One helpful visualization resource is something unique to ALGV brands: the Travelogue. It’s a digital catalog and brochure series that travel advisors can customize based on the types of travel, brands and destinations that their clients want. Clients can then watch videos, see photos and learn about hotels and other important information, which can help with the visualization technique.

It may seem overly simple, but preparation is one of the easiest ways to combat travel anxieties. If you’re worried about traveling during the pandemic, find the answers to your questions in well-known resources like the CDC’s traveler pages. Pack well and be organized so you don’t forget anything and so you know exactly where your travel documents are located.

Do you have anxiety in crowded spaces or flying? Breathing exercises can help center you. While stress tightens the body and can inhibit your breath from flowing freely, forcing yourself to take deep, measured breaths can ease some of that stress. Meditation apps and exercises are another great way to relieve stress and create moments of mindfulness during the planning and traveling processes.

When you begin traveling and when you reach your destination, take it all in using all of your senses. This helps ground you to your destination and can help you from choosing to rely on crutches like social media to distract you from your experience.

The last tip? Book with a travel advisor! They are incredibly knowledgeable and help free up their clients’ time and effort, so busy individuals can relax knowing that they’re in good hands. Travelers with anxieties can also take comfort in knowing they’re working with a professional who can answer many of their questions.

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