Furious delivery driver takes back customer’s food order after finding £6 tip

A frustrated delivery driver was filmed walking off with her customer’s food after having a heated argument over an $8 (£5.90) tip.

Viral door security camera video shared by Driver Man on YouTube shows the DoorDash driver asking to speak to the customer face-to-face when she delivers the meal to an address in Smithtown, Long Island in New York, the US.

She speaks to the camera: “I don’t think you realise the distance that it’s coming from because then you would never actually have given what you gave. I think you can come and see face to face.

“I drove 40 minutes and it was extremely far and I got it too early.

The customer is heard replying: “No I’m not. I don’t understand.”

Delivery driver
The delivery driver asked the customer to adjust the tip to ‘make it right’ as she stated that she drove 40 minutes to deliver the meal

She continues: “Do you realise how far it is, the restaurant you ordered from is in Commack and you are in Smithtown?”

“That’s a 15, 20-minute drive,” the man answers.

But the driver shakes her head and says: “It’s not. You need to try to drive it, I just drove it, it’s 40 minutes. It’s 12 and a half miles.

“I think you need to adjust your tip to make it right. You gave an $8 tip.”

She left the address with the food when the customer refused to pay more for the tip
She left the address with the food when the customer refused to pay more for the tip

He quickly pushes back and justifies it by saying: “What the hell are you looking for? I gave an $8 tip!”

The conservation ended as the woman said to take the food back to the restaurant and stormed off the driveway.

His clip stirred a discussion online and some viewers pointed out the average time travel between the two towns is no more than 15 minutes.

One said: “Wasn’t expecting to hear the name of the town I live in mentioned in this. Commack is literally the next town over from Smithtown and is in no way, shape, or form a 40-minute drive even in the worst of traffic.

“Maybe if you’re travelling by rickshaw, but certainly not by car. It’s 15 minutes TOPS.”

A DoorDash spokesperson said: “We take the safety of our community extremely seriously, and such inappropriate behaviour is never tolerated on the DoorDash platform.

“Any behaviour that violates this zero-tolerance policy is grounds for deactivation, and the Dasher involved has been removed from our platform.

“We have been in touch with the customer to offer support, and sincerely regret that this incident fell short of the experience we strive to provide every day.”

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