Getting Ready for Travel in a Post-Vaccine World: Women Who Travel Podcast

MC: Yeah, welcome to the club.

JP: I’m like two hours before? Let’s make it one.

LA: That stresses me out so much.

MC: I was like, we might be the same person.

JP: Yeah but now there’s just so many different layers to it for sure.

MC: We’ve been talking about family and friends and people a little closer to us, and approaching those situations. But I think something that we have probably all been missing that is such a huge part of travel is meeting new people. And I would love to know after so much isolation, is meeting new people going to be an important part of your travel experience? And how do we even make new friends when we haven’t been doing it in so long? It’s such a silly question, but I really want to know.

MS: Oh my gosh, I miss new people so badly, it’s not silly at all.

JP: Same. I’m a big people person, so I miss my random conversations with strangers.

LA: You know what I really miss is being drunk in the bathroom of a bar and there’s some woman who says she loves your lipsticks.

MC: Anything, anything, anything.

LA: Or your outfit and then you’re like, “Oh my god, I love you too.” And then you just talk to this random for 10 minutes and never see each other again. Beautiful.

MS: That’s the golden interaction. And those are the people and the moments that I didn’t realize I needed to mourn not having at the beginning of the pandemic. It was my family and my friends and my coworkers and seeing people regularly.

I’m worried that I’m going to at the end of this be really overwhelmed by all the things we can do. I know it won’t be just all of a sudden life is back to normal. I know it’ll take a long time and be gradual, but I don’t know, thinking of how many people you interact with when you’re on a trip, and all the excitement and hubbub of the airport and the person sitting next to you, and maybe you talk to the stewardess, blah, blah, blah, that sounds kind of overwhelming today right now. I’m tired thinking about all that, even though I want it. I don’t know how I’ll adjust.

LA: I was in a book shop the other day and I feel like when you’re in any public space at the moment, unless you’re with someone you know, you don’t interact with anyone.

MC: You’re just a mute walking around a store.

LA: Yeah, which is quite pleasant often. And this guy started trying to talk to me about the book I’d picked up. I think it was from the best intentions, I think he had just read the book and really liked it, and I was like a deer in the headlights and I put the book down and I left. I cannot talk to you.

JP: I had a similar experience recently, and I think I just looked at the guy like, “Sir, no.”

MC: Now is not the time.

JP: First of all, just no, because please don’t hit on me in public. Secondly, this is a pandemic, you need to keep your distance.

LA: But it did make me think about especially when you’re traveling alone, which is something that all of us on this podcast have done. And a huge part of that, even though you are alone and enjoying your own company, you also want the option of meeting new people and making new friends. And I think that the techniques you apply as a solo traveler might be transferable to everyday life when we start to get back out there. And I’m interested to know what everyone’s sort of tricks are for socializing when they’re on the road and meeting people and getting chatting to people when they feel like doing so.

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