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March is the birthday month for the Girl Scouts of the USA, but the organization began celebrating its 110th year in August 2021. Saturday, March 12, is the official day the Girl Scouts were established in Savannah, Ga.

A meeting in 1911 with Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy Scouts, inspired Juliette Gordon Low to establish Girl Scouts. In a time of cultural change — but before women had the right to vote — Girl Scouts emphasized inclusiveness, the outdoors, self-reliance and service. Today, morre than 50 million women in America have been part of the Girl Scouts, and that number continues to grow.

There is a group of young ladies serving the Athens-Limestone community — Troop 1922. One of their missions is “To make the world a better place,” the Troop’s co-leader Kiki Leslie said. Troop 1922 has helped throughout the community including helping Athens-Limestone Tourism, cleaning at the Little Red Scout House, assisting with the Scout Music House project and volunteering with Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful clean-ups.

They also participated in the North Pole Stroll, Peanut Butter and Jelly drives and Earth Day. To lend a hand during the pandemic, the young ladies sent snacks to the hospital and front line workers.

The many projects help develop the Girl Scouts into empowered young ladies while reaching their full potential.

“They do that by relating and building connections with others by honing their skills and providing respect. They develop values and stewardship that guide their actions and decision making and contribute to the improvement of society and community by utilizing their abilities, leadership skills, cooperating with others, enriching their lives and those around them,” Leslie said.

The selling of their famous cookies did not begin until 1935, and on average, the organization sells about 200 million boxes each year. The fundraiser is currently on-going and Leslie and the girls have a special destination in mind –– Savannah.

“Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts in 1912 in Savannah, Ga. Girl Scouts have been traveling there to see the first headquarters as well as the Low House and even Juliette Gordon Low’s grave. It is a special time for any troop to see where the foundation of Girl Scouts was laid and to bond with other Girl Scout sisters,” Leslie said.

Troop 1922 will continue to celebrate special events through October, and the great news is it’s not too late to purchase those delicious Girl Scout cookies. Those interested in ordering can call Troop 1922 co-leader Kiki Leslie at (256) 874-5342.

“If you would like to help support Girl Scout Troop 1922 reach this experience, the best way to do so is to buy or donate cookies from the troop. You aren’t just investing in a trip, you are investing in a young lady to help make a difference. Thank you for your support,” she said.

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