Google Maps Street View: Viral photo shows seagull ‘attack’ as bird steals chip | Travel News

Google Maps Street View is a great tool for helping map your way around the world. Using 3D cameras, the tool photographs streets around the world and then stitches them together in post-production to create a world which viewers can click their way around.

We have all heard tales of seagulls dive-bombing unsuspecting beachgoers enjoying their fish and chips, however, it seems Google’s cameras have snapped the evidence.

This Brighton-based bird looks to have made off with someones beachside supper, flying along John Street in the city centre.

The moment was described as a “seagull attack” by which shared the image.

The image has also circulated on Twitter in recent years, with users finding humour in the animal’s move.

As cars travel up and down the road, an array of white birds can be seen swooping down from the sky.

Many of them are perched atop the roofs of houses, appearing to look out over the neighbourhoods.

Others seem to have found comfort in sitting on top of parked cars.

Sadly, it seems they have also left their mark on many of the houses and vehicles in the form of white smatterings of what appears to be bird poo.




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