Grants provide virtual travel experience

After the January 20 presentation highlighting the Google Expeditions equipment, student, Henry Swink, MHS Instructor Sandra Wood, student, Olivia Stiff, posed along with two of the school district’s agricultural producers, Robert Lager and Craig Stiens, who were instrumental in Wood receiving the $15,000 Bayer Fund America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education grant.

The Maryville High School Board of Education was treated to a Google Expeditions tour of Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, during the showcase held at the January 20 board meeting.

Sandra Wood, MHS Spanish teacher, had applied for and received two grants, $8,000 from the Gladys Rickard Trust, and $15,000 from the Bayer Fund American’s Farmers Grow Rural Education grant.

Wood used the grants to purchase two Google Expeditions classroom sets. One set has 25 combinations of devices and goggles, the other 30 sets. She also purchased three 360 degree cameras and a selfie stick which will allow the students to create their own expeditions.

Google Expeditions has over 1,000 tours. The set has a router which doesn’t allow the students access to the internet while using the tour.

Seniors Olivia Stiff and Henry Swink assisted Wood with the demonstration for the board members. The teacher, or in the case of this demo, the students, can guide the participants with details provided on the pad to direct the tour.

Also attending the presentation were two of the local farmers, Robert Lager and Craig Stiens, who had nominated MHS for the American’s Farmers Grow Rural Education grant. Others who nominated MHS for the STEM grant were Don Seipel, Donald Kagay, Dorothy Schaefer, Steve Schmidt and Terri Lager.

Wood said, “The kids enjoy the tours. It’s another way to bring Spain to them.”

Wood uses the sets for 10 to 15 minutes in the classroom setting as longer sessions sometimes cause the students to be disorientated.

MHS dance team wins at Lee’s Summit.

The Maryville High School Dance team recently competed at Lee’s Summit. The team earned third in pom and brought home the North Division 1 Lyrical Champion award.

Team members are: Anna Adwell, Gracie Wenger, Taya Myers; back: Maggie Farnan, Kenzee Minton, Maggie Webb, Kaylee Harkrider, Kensley Wood, Kaiya Ory and Morgan Mullock.

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