Grizzly notebook: Dickinson State’s Derek Selvig excited to be back in Missoula; UM to face Washington | College Sports

The Orediggers improved greatly under head coach Adam Hiatt and Selvig, who were together in Butte for five seasons. Eventually, though, the DSU job opened up and Selvig saw a great opportunity to advance his coaching career.

The early returns have been solid for Selvig, who has coached the Blue Hawks to a 3-4 record early in the season. Following the game against Montana, DSU will travel to Carroll to play the Saints the following day.

“It’s just a really strange year,” Selvig said. “We’re asking so much from these guys, these players both mentally and physically. We’ve had guys sit out for two weeks before coming to practice. We had a stretch where we didn’t play a game for a couple weeks and we’re just trying to ramp back up and play a game.

“At the end of the day, it’s just about getting these guys experience. They all way to play.”

The Maroon and Silver run deep in the Selvig clan, as Derek’s uncle, Robin Selvig, coached the UM women’s basketball team for decades. Selvig’s parents, Doug and Anita (Novak), both played basketball for the Grizzlies, as did his cousin, Jordan Sullivan and aunt, Sandy (Selvig). Derek’s sister, Carly, also played for the Lady Griz.

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