Hawaiian Airlines to Provide NDC Content Via Accelya

Hawaiian Airlines is expanding its use of Accelya’s technology platforms, through which it will offer New Distribution Capability content in indirect channels, according to Accelya.

The carrier for several years has sold ancillaries, including premium economy content and branded fares, through its direct channels via FLX Merchandise, which became a part of Accelya when it acquired Farelogix last year. The carrier now is using Accelya offer engines to improve shopping and pricing and availability calculation in agency and metasearch third-party channels and plans for early 2022 an “omnichannel retailing approach” using FLX NDC API and Open Connect to provide content to third-party channels.

That will bring the carrier “greater control over revenue generation across all channels,” which “will be key to future profitability once we emerge from this pandemic,” Accelya chief product officer and former Farelogix CEO Jim Davidson said in a statement.

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