Heavy snow brings area-wide travel impacts

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Saturday’s snowstorm brought heavy snow and wind across the Capital Region, causing travel disruptions both on the road and in the air. While officials urged motorists to avoid unnecessary travel, those that did venture out ran into slippery conditions.

Plows have been out in full force area-wide since the snow began falling overnight Saturday, “We have close to 440 operators and staff on-hand here for this snow in just the Greater Capital Region,” Bryan Viggiani, a spokesperson for Region 1 of the New York State Department of Transportation, said.

But while crews have been out since the snow started, the wind and rate of snowfall posed challenges throughout the day.

“That snow will accumulate on a road even immediately after a plow goes through. If a plow goes through and comes back an hour later, you can expect two inches of snow or more back on that road,” Viggiani said, explaining the challenges of clearing roadways when snow is accumulating quickly.

Even after the snow ends, Viggiani says it’s important to take it slow and be mindful of the potential of snow being blown back onto the road, or freezing temperatures causing patches of ice, “We’ve got crews on call to keep an eye on that if the wind does blow snow back on the roads and also if the wind causes secondary problems.”

Viggiani also reminds motorists who are on the road with plows to not tailgate or pass them.

Those hitting the road weren’t the only ones that ran into travel headaches because of the weather. It was a quiet afternoon at Albany International Airport with a slew of flights from different carriers canceled or delayed because of the weather.

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