Holidays 2021: Expert on how to book travel amid covid – where to go this year | Travel News

“There are so many activities on offer and lots of fun ways for kids to learn about the local culture and landscapes, from tree reforestation to desert safaris.”

“If you’re on the hunt for a physical challenge, I’d definitely recommend an iconic trek such as The Inca Trail or Mt Kilimanjaro, which I took on a year ago.

“The feeling when you reach your final destination, whether that’s the highest point in Africa or ancient Machu Picchu, gives you an incredible sense of achievement.”

Young continued: “After a pretty gruelling 2020, some of us just want to kick back, relax and lap up some sunshine.

“Destinations such as Sri Lanka and Thailand, where you can unwind on a yacht or catamaran while cruising around the islands or coastline, enjoying fresh seafood and visits to little coastal villages are ideal for those who want a serious dose of vitamin sea.”




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