How to Seamlessly Reach the Travel Advisor Community

For almost 20 years, TravelPulse has been the brand travel advisors turn to for the news and information they need to be successful. As the travel industry rebounds from COVID-19, the travel advisor community will be leading the charge. Recent articles from the New York Times and Washington Post confirm this.

As a supplier, the travel advisor audience is the one you want to reach – but what is the easiest way to do that? The answer is simple, a TravelPulse Content Strategy Program.

Through multiple touchpoints, a Content Strategy Program encourages both trust and faith in your brand by aligning your messaging with the brand travel advisors trust the most – TravelPulse.

Representing a $160 billion dollar market, the amount of people working as travel advisors continues to grow, with the majority being home-based. Advisors are the true influencers in the travel industry. Now more than ever, consumers are looking to advisors for advice on all things travel. From accommodations and tours to destinations and transportation, travelers put their trust in travel advisors to curate the vacation that is right for them.

TravelPulse has successfully managed hundreds of programs for all types of suppliers in both the U.S. and Canada, covering destinations, cruise lines, tour operators, vacation packages, hotels and resorts, airlines, host agencies and consortia, car rental companies and theme parks, among others.

Whether a destination wants to share its exceptional beauty or a resort wants to reveal its brand-new property, a content marketing program is the perfect way to get your message out.

Content about your brand is exclusively designed to engage the TravelPulse audience, which reaches tens of thousands of travel advisors and millions of travelers. Each piece of content builds on the previous one, creating a compounding effect over time that resonates with the TravelPulse audience.

Through various touchpoints, such as promotions, blogs, slideshows, videos and more, brands can seamlessly share their message with travel advisors. Brands are all different, which is why TravelPulse strategically works with you to create a customized program that best fits your brand’s goals.

A TravelPulse Content Strategy Program is exactly what your brand needs to build trust. These unique programs are the key to your brand’s success in 2021.

If you’re ready to learn more about growing your business through a content strategy program, contact us here or email

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