How Travel Advisors Can Get the Most Out of VAX Vacation Access

Apple Leisure Group Vacations (ALGV) has always provided resources to help travel advisors, and the company continues to do so during the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this year, the timely COVID-19 Testing Toolkit for Travel Agents was created, allowing advisors to conveniently reference the ever-changing updates. Information in this toolkit includes on-site testing availability, destination entry requirements, partner airline policies, quarantine offers, hotel protocols and more.


This useful information allows for travel advisors to not only stay up to date themselves but to keep their clients aware of the travel industry’s changing atmosphere. A downloadable excel sheet is updated daily, so advisors can feel confident sharing this information with traveling clients.

This toolkit is housed in VAX Vacation access, along with several other resources that some travel advisors may not be utilizing. VAX is an essential tool for travel agents, and it can be used for a lot more than simply booking reservations. From supplier and destination information to education and offers, using everything VAX provides can assist in taking business to the next level.

There are some instances where agents must utilize the call center for assistance – adding or dropping a passenger from a reservation, changing a name on a scheduled air flight, requesting hotel rooms above allotment, etc. – but there is a lot agents can do on their own in VAX.

Save time by doing tasks such as changing hotels, adding or removing features, booking open jaw itineraries, adding an agency fee, price matching and requesting refunds, among many other things, all on your own online. VAX even offers step-by-step directions on how to get these tasks completed.

There is a lot on offer through VAX Vacation Access, which means you aren’t going to have it all down overnight. Spend some time getting to know the website and navigating through all of its features. In addition to creating reservations, take a few webinars of interest; browse supplier pages; review the CDC updates available, and simply become more familiar with the site.

VAX VacationAccess travel agent login screen
PHOTO: VAX VacationAccess travel agent login screen. (screenshot by Patrick Clarke)

If you’d like to take your training a step further, get in contact with your business development manager(s). They would most likely be more than happy to walk your agency through a training session or point you in the right direction for optimizing the training tools available to your agency.

To learn more, or to register and join 120,000 other travel agents in earning, learning and growing, visit

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