I’m a travel expert and I have a foolproof trick to making your holiday easier when packing to go abroad

JETTING off on holiday is the highlight of the year for some Brits – but it can be a very stressful process.

From packing your suitcase, to getting to the airport, to making sure you’ve got all your documents – there’s a lot to remember and it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks.

A travel expert has shared their foolproof trick to help make going on holiday easier


A travel expert has shared their foolproof trick to help make going on holiday easierCredit: Getty

But a travel expert has revealed an easy trick to help make going on holiday easier.

Travel writer Skye Sherman has shared her last-minute packing hack to help you avoid forgetting some essential items when you go away.

She explained that she has a “ready-to-go” toiletry bag stuffed full of medication, suncream and beauty products which sits untouched in her bathroom at home.

All the toiletries she needs for her holiday are in the bag and any liquids are under 100ml so she can take them onboard a flight if she is only using hand luggage.

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By having her toiletry bag ready at a moment’s notice, it takes away some of the stress of packing as she’s got one less thing to worry about.

She told Travel and Leisure: “Make sure everything in this bag is Transport Security Administration (TSA) approved so you never have to worry about whether your bag is good to go for any and every situation.

“Don’t touch this toiletry bag at home and you won’t have to remember what to pack each time you jet off because it’s all in there already.”

Lazy holidaymakers will be especially grateful for the tip as it’s one less thing to unpack when they get home.

Skye continued: “There’s an added perk if you’re one of those people who takes weeks to unpack after a trip – the entire point of the grab-and-go toiletry bag is that you never have to unpack it.

“Keep this bag locked and loaded for one more item off your last-minute travel to-do list.”

If you’re someone who struggles to fit all your clothes into a suitcase when you go on holiday, a mum has shared her travel tips for maximising your luggage space.

Mum-of-two Karen Edwards revealed how she packs for a family of four in one suitcase – squeezing in up to 200 items.

She used packing cubes in the suitcase to keep clothes compressed and stuffed cables, chargers and other small bits inside shoes so no empty space was wasted.

Additionally, Tiktok users have shared their best travel packing hacks, including how to get around airline hand luggage rules.

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But a travel expert has debunked several of them, including using an empty pillow case to sneak extra clothes onboard and using rolled up clothes to make a neck pillow for the flight.

If you’ve got a holiday coming up and you’re worried about luggage space, two travel experts have revealed the clever ways to pack less when you go away.

Travel editor Skye Sherman has a ready-to-go toiletry bag that she can grab when she goes on holiday


Travel editor Skye Sherman has a ready-to-go toiletry bag that she can grab when she goes on holidayCredit: Getty

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