‘It’s quite disgusting’: Anger at mountain of rubbish spewed across Levenshulme alleyway by fly-tippers

On Monday afternoon (February 1), Levenshulme resident Debi Hallas was taking out the rubbish ahead of bin day when she was left ‘shocked’ by what was waiting for her by the communal bins.

Mountains of rubbish, including a sofa, fridge and bed frame, had been dumped across the alleyway behind Crantock Street.

Debi, who has lived in the area for 15 years, says that fly-tipping is often an issue but has never been as bad as this before.

“It’s always a mess on that particular alleyway but even I was left stunned at how bad it was,” Debi tells the Manchester Evening News.

“As it’s bin day on Tuesday, I was expecting the bins to be fairly full but what I was not expecting was to find several piles of rubbish all over.”

Debi says she found another communal bin nearby to put her rubbish in and logged onto the Manchester Council website to report the incident.

The dumped rubbish included sofas, fridges and bed frames.

“I certainly wasn’t going to add to the pile,” she added.

“I came back home, had a bit of a rant and went onto the Council website and it told me not to report it until bin day.

“I checked with the website and it said that bin day was on Wednesday, not on Tuesday, so I thought I’d wait until then and report it if it was still bad.”

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In the meantime, Debi posted a photo of the fly-tipping in a local Facebook group to warn others about taking their rubbish to the communal bins.

“Looks like I will now have to leave my house to take my rubbish to the tip,” she posted online.

“Which I shouldn’t have to do as it shouldn’t be ‘essential’ travel when there is a bin at the end of the street.”

However, a few hours after posting the photos online, the fly-tipping ‘mysteriously’ disappeared.

“It has now been cleared – except a fridge,” Dani said.

Hours after posting about the fly-tipping online, the dumped rubbish had been cleared up.

“It’s a bit of a strange coincidence with the timing, however, the fact of the matter is that it was able to get to that state and that should never have happened in the first place.”

Debi said she was pleased to see the fly-tipping had been removed, but said she was only expecting more to be left in the alleyway again soon.

“It is a frequent complaint for people in the area,” Dani adds.

“There is usually discarded furniture and the bins never tend to get properly cleared out. The alleyway sits by Nutsford Vale and there’s so much rubbish that’s not in a bin bag that gets left and sits in the hedgerows.”

When asked what she thought could be a solution for the littering, Dani said she thought more people needed to report such issues when they happen.

“I don’t know how long it had been there for – but it looked like it had been there for a while,” she says.

The Levenshulme resident said it looked like the rubbish had been there for a short while.

“I intended to report it as soon as I saw it but the reason I didn’t was because the website advised me to wait until bin day, which it said was on Wednesday.

“But, other than reporting it, I don’t really know what the solution is.

“It would be nice if there were video cameras that could catch people in action but even then, I’m not sure how effective they would be in tracking people down.”

A spokesperson for Manchester Council said that bin collection services sometimes have to be adapted due to challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and that in some cases, as in this instance, it is not always possible to update the website in time.

Executive Member for Neighborhoods, Councilor Rabnawaz Akbar, added: “Fly-tipping is a stain on our environment and communities.

“Manchester City Council have been unapologetic in issuing tough fines, seizing vehicles and ordering prosecutions against the worst offenders. Fly-tipping hotspots are regularly monitored by proactive officers, and where evidence of the perpetrators is found, legal action will be pursued against them.

“The troubling images seen on social media are a reminder that the selfish acts of individuals can cause significant harm and distress to others trying to go about their day-to-day life.

“I am pleased that Council officers have taken swift action to remove the waste when it was first flagged and will be making another visit to remove the last of the waste.”

Any information or evidence with regards to waste can be filed via www.manchester.gov.uk/flytipping.

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