Local food delivery and restaurants talk tipping etiquette

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Local food delivery companies and restaurants said it’s important to remember tipping and delivery etiquette when ordering food to go.

Many people feel more comfortable eating at home than they do in a restaurant due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hub City Delivery owner Sarah Petty said customers can order food through her service and the employees will contact the restaurant for the to-go order.

Petty said they have a relationship with restaurants to assure order is delivered with care. She said her drivers get paid a wage but work on tips as well.

Delaneys Irish Pub manager Chris Brymer said many times more care goes into preparing to-go orders than orders in house. He also mentioned that there is an additional cost for the restaurant to use to-go containers and utensils.

“The kitchen is aware that the order is one that’s headed out with a delivery service so cooks know to expedite the order and pack it in a way it will travel well and stay hot,” said Brymer.

When it comes to tipping, both said it’s important to tip delivery drivers as you would a server in a restaurant. The same goes for picking up your order at a restaurant.

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