Long-Distance Couple Shares Best And Worst Valentine’s Day Travel Dates

long distance valentines day
Credit: @ferlacayo

We think just being in the moment is really what matters the most. A couples trip is about connecting and learning about each other. Trips are a really great way to form a bond. One tip we can offer is to make sure to turn your phone off or put it on ‘do not disturb’ during date night.

Another tip we have is helping each other conquer your fears. We went to Guatemala and Michael had never been a fan of heights. Adding to this, his best friend tragically died by suicide which made it very hard for him to be close to edges. We ended up climbing Indian Nose Peak and at the top of the mountain Michael felt a sense of relief that he never knew he had inside. He was able to step to the edge of the cliff with no fear.

Yvette’s biggest fear is flying on a plane with turbulence. Through that process, Michael guides her through meditation and breathing. Another thing we like to do is get the best playlist together and then listen to music we haven’t heard before. A lot of the albums we listen to transport us back to memories about a trip we’ve had together.

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