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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A Louisville youth volleyball team hoping to spike the competition at the AAU Nationals found some help to make the trip — in an unlikely place. 

The Metro Parks Volleyball Academy (MPVA) U18 team is slated to compete in AAU Nationals in Orlando the week of June 23, but without some fundraising help, the 12 young ladies won’t be able to make the trip. 

“No, because again it’s a small club and not a lot of us have the type of money to be able to go,” said 17-year old team member Haleigh Humphrey.

The Louisville chapter of the Chrome Divas, a group of self-professed biker chicks, served up a solution.

“We decided we’d have scrimmage game to raise money by charging admission,” Gail Nevitt, director of Louisville Chrome Divas, said. “We’re 29- to 60-year-old women who ride motorcycles and we’re going to play these 18 and under healthy fit girls … the draw is watch us lose our butts.” 

The MPVA, which is not part of Metro Parks or funded by the city, is a nonprofit organization. 

“MPVA was a club created for girls who want to play the same sport as the girls who play who have all those resources, but at a cost-efficient price but the same opportunities,” MPVA coach Nicole Zolicoffer said.

Zolicoffer drills into her team that practice makes perfect and says nationals could be an important step for the girls. 

“Nationals is a last chance opportunity to possibly be picked up by recruiters or scouts looking for final players,” she said. 

It’s a tight knit bunch of girls filled with heart and drive.

“I’ve played so many other sports my whole life but this is the first time I actually felt comfortable,” Amiria Smith. “It makes me feel like empowered and I love the way like the group of girls work together or the court.”

The exhibition between the MPVA team and Louisville Chrome Divas will take place at R Place Pub Eats, 9603 Whipps Mill Road, on Friday, May 21. The team hopes to raise $5,000 to help cover travel and accommodations. 

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