Missourians see impacts of increased travel costs this spring season

Columbia, MO (KMIZ)

Following the war in Ukraine, many Americans have seen an increase in prices, especially in travel costs. AAA reports the average price for gas in Boone County is almost $4 per gallon, with the state’s average at $3.84 per gallon.

People are also seeing an increase in the prices of airfare as well.

Robert Rogers told ABC 17 News he booked his round trip flight to New Orleans three weeks in advance and payed $500 compared to in the past when he would pay around $300.

Rogers says that he uses the app “Hopper” to book his flights and feels the general cost of everything will continue to go up due to the war in Ukraine. However, this isn’t the case for all travelers.

Mo Jones told ABC 17 News she was happy with her flight pricing. Jones says she booked a round trip from Albuquerque, New Mexico into Columbia for $250. Jones says she also noticed the increase in Missouri gas prices during her stay.

She feels this is great opportunity for the U.S. to move more towards electric vehicles.

“Certainly gas prices have gone up substantially in a way that a lot of us didn’t expect, but I think we’ve all known that we need to move away from fossil fuel. Prices are continuing to increase. I think that’s just going to be apart of our future and it’s a great time to maybe embrace some new technology,” Jones said.

American Airlines announced Friday, it will be adding an additional flight that will depart from Columbia to Dallas Fort Worth international airport. The first flight will being April 6 and fly to DFW at 11:59 a.m. daily.

The added flight gives Columbia Regional Airport a total of five daily outbound flights – three to DFW and two to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). The Columbia Regional Airport Manager said it’s a period of change and improvement for Columbia.

“We are excited to increase the number of flights to and from COU. The City of Columbia will continue to create an environment where businesses such as American Airlines can thrive and find success in this region,” said Mike Parks with the COU Airport.

Watch ABC 17 News at 10 p.m.


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