Mom divides social media with controversial ‘tip’ for better-smelling laundry: ‘Don’t do this’

A new TikTok laundry hack has social media deeply, deeply divided.

The trick, shared by user Araceli Jimenez, claims to make your clothes smell better for longer — all while saving you money.

Basically, the trick offers an alternative for dryer sheets, which typically help soften and freshen your clothes they’ve gone through the washer.

As Jimenez claims in her video, you can replace (and improve on) dryer sheets by combining fabric softener and water, then dipping a rag into the mixture. After that, the damp rag can go into the dryer with your other wet clothes.

Some TikTok users loved the mom’s idea, saying it was “less wasteful” and that they couldn’t wait to test it.

“Definitely trying this,” one user wrote.

“Why haven’t I thought of this?” another asked.

Others, however, claimed it was bad for your laundry. Some wrote that the fabric softener had made their clothes spotty or stained.

“Don’t do this. It puts spots on your clothes. Don’t ever do this,” one user wrote.

“How to stain your clothes 101,” another added.

In theory, the hack can cut down on money and waste by eliminating the need for dryer sheets — and getting more loads out of your fabric softener. However, as Bailey Carson, head of cleaning for the household services app Handy, told Insider, it can also be harmful.

“This hack has the additional risk of causing damage to clothes in the drying process such as residue spots and in some cases lifting dye from clothing that can’t be reversed,” Carson told Insider.

Jimenez, meanwhile, told the outlet that she works to keep her softener-to-water ratio balanced to prevent this.

“I really try and balance the softener and water mixture and ring out the cloth or sponge I use for that not to happen,” she said.

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