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BLAKESLEE, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — As the winter storm nears, PennDOT is asking motorists to stay off the roads.

Officials on Tuesday told Eyewitness News they are more than prepared for the storm to come. But to make it easier for crews to plow the roads and for everyone’s safety, they are asking people to avoid traveling once the snow starts to come down.

The roadways were busy Tuesday in Monroe County. On top of regular traffic PennDOT crews were out pretreating the roads ahead of Wednesday’s storm.

“The major roadways have to get more attention,” PennDOT Press Officer Sean Brown at District 5 told Eyewitness News as a PennDOT truck was spraying brine on Route 209 in the Marshals Creek area.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 5 covers Monroe, Schuylkill and Carbon Counties. Brown says in order for crews to do their job, other drivers need to stay home.

“We can’t get out there to plow the roads if there’s a lot of traffic out there. Plows just can’t get through so we really need your partner to avoid travel if at all possible,” Brown said.

Crews are prepared for the long haul. When the storm arrives crews will be on 12-hour shifts.

“That way we can use our trucks 24/7,” Brown said.

PennDOT crews will be busy Tuesday night spraying brine on major highways due to less traffic but if you see their trucks out be sure to give them plenty of space.

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