NASA spacecraft to travel 200 million miles back to Earth

CNN— A NASA spacecraft that took a sample from an asteroid 200 million miles away now has a plan to come back home

NASA officials announced their OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will leave the asteroid Bennu and begin the journey home on May 10. It will take the spacecraft nearly 3 years to return to earth.

The spacecraft is carrying a sample collected from the asteroids surface. The goal of OSIRIS-REx’s mission was to collect 2 ounces of material, according to officials.

Scientists won’t know if the mission was successful until they open the sample. The astroid material could help shine more light on the formation of the solar system, as reported by CNN.

“OSIRIS-REx has already provided incredible science,” said Lori Glaze, NASA’s director of planetary science, in a statement. “We’re really excited the mission is planning one more observation flyby of asteroid Bennu to provide new information about how the asteroid responded to TAG and to render a proper farewell.”

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