Neeleman’s New Carrier Announces Route Plan

JetBlue founder David Neeleman’s newest venture, low-cost point-to-point carrier Breeze Airways, will begin service later this month.

The carrier, which is focusing on “underserved” midsize U.S. city pairs, will begin flights between three cities on May 27: Tampa, Fla.; Charleston, S.C; and Hartford, Conn. Service to Louisville, Ky., begins the next day, and the carrier plans to fly 39 routes to 16 destinations by the end of July.

Other markets on Breeze’s route map include Tulsa, Okla.; Norfolk, Va.; Fayetteville, Ark.; Akron/Canton, Ohio; Oklahoma City; Columbus, Ohio; New Orleans; Pittsburgh; Richmond, Va.; San Antonio; Huntsville, Ala.; and Providence, R.I.

Breeze initially is flying single-class Embraer aircraft and is selling two fare types. “Nice” fares come with no change on cancellation fees—cancellations come with a reusable credit valid for up to 24 months—while “Nicer” fares also include a checked bag and full-sized carry-on, priority boarding, seats with extra legroom and a drink and snack. Later this year, Breeze plans to add a business-class product, sold as the “Nicest” fare product, when it begins service on larger Airbus A220 aircraft.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration on Friday also announced that Breeze has been added to the TSA PreCheck expedited screening program, so travelers will be able to use their Known Travel Number when booking flights on Breeze.

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