New council tip proposed – a stone’s throw from the existing one

A household waste tip serving the Horncastle area looks set to relocate about half a mile down in a move that would save Lincolnshire County Council £200,000 a year.

The existing facility in Kirkby-on-Bain, run by FCC Environment, is to close at the end of this year.

In its place, the county council is planning to open a new £2 million tip at a former landfill site it already owns at Tattershall Lagoons, between Tattershall Thorpe and Kirkby-on-Bain.

Gravel quarries surround the new tip, which is expected to open in November.

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A report to the council’s environment and economy scrutiny committee states there is an option not to provide a replacement facility.

This would save money but would leave Horncastle-area residents without a local tip.

The report states: “Proceeding with the construction of a new household waste recycling centre will maintain the service in the Horncastle area and meet [policy] requirements.

“The service is highly valued by the public and this has been demonstrated by the changes which were brought about due to the COVID-19 pandemic which caused a significant increase in complaints.

“If a site is not provided, residents of the Horncastle area will have to travel further distance to dispose of their household waste, which will increase damage to the environment through longer car journeys.

“This would also increase pressure at the nearest HWRCs such as Market Rasen, Lincoln and Sleaford.”

The council currently runs 10 tips within a 12 mile radius of residents and the new tip would be the 11th.

The existing tip at Kirkby-on-Bain

The committee report states that two possible two possible locations in the Horncastle area were highlighted.

“A feasibility study and a cost comparison were carried out and as a result the recommended location is a closed landfill site at Tattershall Lagoons which is already in Lincolnshire County Council ownership,” the report states.

“The site is currently fenced off and gated and is an ongoing maintenance liability, the cost of which is minimal.

“This property has limited use and no value as the ground is heavily contaminated.

“However the contaminated material should not increase construction costs as excavations will be kept to a minimum by constructing on top of the contaminated material.

“This will reduce the cost of disposal of contaminated earth which would ordinarily have to go to a hazardous landfill site.

“Where material is extracted for deeper drainage infrastructure, that material will be retained on site in the form of earth bunds.

“These bunds will help to mitigate any noise pollution in the most sensitive areas and could be used instead of solid wooden fencing.

“The second site which was considered, but is not recommended, is part of the County Farms portfolio adjacent to Horncastle Industrial Estate.

“Discussions with the property and economic development teams indicates that there are plans to develop and market the land for private sale.

“The plot, which could otherwise be developed as a household waste recycling centre, has a projected value of £250,000.”

The site of the tip at Tattershall Lagoons

The new tip will costs £1,950,000 to build, with annual running costs of between £138,000 and £192,000.

However, the current contract is worth £425,000 a year, so bosses say the new site could bring savings between £208,000 and £287,000, depending on whether it is managed by external contractors or run in-house.

FCC Environment is due to decommission the Kirkby-on-Bain tip later this year.

The environment and economy scrutiny committee will be asked to support the building of the new tip at a meeting on February 16.

Councillor Richard Avison, who represents Horncastle on East Lindsey District council, told Lincolnshire Live that a local tip was essential.

He said: “The existing tip at Kirkby-on-Bain is an excellent facility.

“We definitely need a local tip near to where people live once it closes because it is convenient and will help reduce flytipping.

“We wouldn’t want to have to go any further to dispose of our rubbish.”

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