New French, Czech, and German Travel Restrictions

As the number of COVID-19 infections continues to climb and highly contagious variants of the virus have emerged, some countries are imposing new travel restrictions.

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France is prohibiting all travel to and from non-European Union countries. Under the new policy beginning Sunday, travelers from EU countries seeking entry into France will have to provide evidence of a negative coronavirus test.

Travelers from several European and African nations — Brazil, Britain, Eswatini, Ireland, Lesotho, Portugal, and South Africa – will not be allowed into Germany. However, German residents traveling from those countries will be granted entry, even if they test positive for the coronavirus virus.

France, Germany and the Czech Republic said Friday they will restrict in-and outbound travel amid concerns about more contagious strains of the coronavirus spreading across the European Union.

The French PM added that more transmissible UK and South African strains pose a “great risk” of a surge in virus cases in the republic, he warned, adding that all big shopping malls will be shut and clients of smaller ones will be spaced further out starting next week.

The German government said it would bar most travelers from countries reporting more contagious coronavirus variants from coming in starting Saturday.

The Czech Republic will ban all non-essential travel to the country starting midnight. Exceptions include people traveling for work and studies and those who have a temporary or permanent residence permit.

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