No COVID passport required to visit UK

COVID-19 vaccine passport not essential to travel to UK

Nadhim Zahawi, the Vaccine Deployment Officer for the UK, has announced that they are not looking to have a COVID vaccine passport in place. He also stated that the UK finds it discriminatory to have a vaccine passport in place, and the officials are not in favour of making vaccinations mandatory in any way through passports.

Mr Zahawi addressed, in an interview with a media house, stated that, “We are certainly not looking to introduce it as part of the vaccine deployment programme.” He also stated that the citizens are free to seek a proof of their vaccination from the concerned doctors in case they need to visit any other countries that require so.

The decision is seen as a welcome yet bold move, with a number of other countries making it mandatory for travellers to have a COVID vaccination proof, preferably a COVID passport. A number of countries are mulling over the implementation and use of such certificates to help the borders open up again and boost their economy, especially considering the fact that 2020 was a dampener for most nations across the world.

Some countries, such as Greece, which majorly thrive on the tourism industry have waived their quarantine requirements for those vaccinated against COVID. Denmark, Sweden and a few more countries are already exploring and rolling out vaccine passports in one form or the other.

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