North Texas Airports Busy for Spring Break Travel – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

North Texas Airports were busy Friday with travelers beginning spring break travel.

Both American and Southwest Airlines issued travel advisories for possible disruption due to winter weather in the Northeast, Midwest and Southern US.

But disruptions were limited at North Texas airports.

By late afternoon around 300 flight delays and just 17 cancellations were reported for Friday at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on

But DFW Airport was very busy and many travelers were glad they arrived early.

American Airlines flight check-in kiosks were down at times and lines were very long to check bags or speak with a live ticket counter person the old-fashioned way.

“We’ve been waiting about an hour,” said airport visitor Alanna Oak.”It took about that long to find parking in the parking garage.”

She brought her husband and two children to the airport from Oklahoma for a visit to her husband Rick Oak’s family in New Hampshire.

A flight cancellation Thursday would up costing the family extra money.

“We had a hotel room last night up in Boston and Priceline wouldn’t give us the money back for it,” Rick Oak said.

At Dallas Love Field there were around 50 flight cancellations and around 100 delays by late Friday afternoon.

The Manchin family was heading to Park City, Utah for a spring break holiday.

Daughter Emily Manchin said private lessons were planned for her first-time skiing.

“We went to the beach this summer but it’s going to be a different experience going skiing,” she said.

Her mother Naomi was looking forward to the fun.

“We’re going tubing, and skiing and finding some interesting places to eat,” she said.

Back at DFW Airport, a spring break trip to Europe was in store for students from Richardson High School.

“I’m flying into London and we’re going to Normandy, Paris, Germany and Austria,” student Helaina Gilmer said.

Her mother Tanya was there to see Helaina off, but they were only halfway through the long line to check bags.

“It’s spring break. We’ve been in this line 30 minutes or so. The kiosks aren’t working,” Tanya Gilmer said.

The crowd and last-minute complications at DFW Airport demonstrated why it is wise to arrive early and check with airlines for possible delays or cancellations before you go to the airport.

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