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MORRISTOWN — The Ohio Department of Transportation District 11 got an early start Monday as dozens of crews worked to clear and treat local roadways.

ODOT had nearly 100 crews out working to clear and treat interstate, state and U.S. routes in Belmont, Harrison, Jefferson, Carroll, Columbiana, Holmes and Tuscarawas counties, with efforts continuing throughout the day. Lauren Borrell, spokeswoman for ODOT District 11, said crews worked through the weekend and into Monday to ensure motorists could travel safely following a snowfall.

Belmont County had 19 plow trucks out clearing roads while Harrison and Jefferson counties each had 10. Each plow operator worked a 12-hour shift.

“They (ODOT crews) had a busy morning. The snow continued to fall as they were plowing. … They had their hands full, but they did a great job,” she added.

Borrell said Eastern Ohio averaged around 8 inches of weekend snowfall, as of Monday afternoon.

“It was different throughout the area, with the lowest being around maybe 5 inches, but in most places it averaged around 8 inches,” she said.

As the crews plowed, they also treated the roads as a precaution against icy conditions, Borrell said.

“They have been treating the roads as they’ve been plowing to try and loosen the snow and get it off the roads. … As the day goes on they’ll keep an eye on things and treat as necessary to prevent any ice forming on the roads over night,” she said.

Borrell said the biggest concern is removing slush from the roads to prevent ice from forming.

ODOT urges motorists to drive with caution and give crews room to work while they are out plowing and treating roads.

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