Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department releases new travel guides | State and Regional News

With 12 ecoregions within its borders, Oklahoma “has the most diverse terrain mile-for-mile in the nation, and that diversity can be seen on the Travel Guide’s cover,” the agency said.

It features an image of a rock formation found in the Black Mesa area near Kenton, along with smaller photos of other scenery around the state.

The 2021 Oklahoma State Parks & Outdoor Guide features more than 200 pages of information and photography of Oklahoma state parks and other popular outdoor destinations in the state, along with directories for outdoor activities, cabins and lodges, and camping and RV spots within the state.

The guide’s cover features an illustration of the great blue heron.

The newly expanded Oklahoma Motorcycle Guide includes 14 rides around the state — including the Talimena National Scenic Byway and Route 66 — along with additional destinations and events for riders to enjoy.

Travelers can order or download the new guides at travelok.com/brochures. Numerous other publications from the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department, including the Oklahoma Route 66 Passport, the Oklahoma Route 66 Guide and the Oklahoma Indian Country Guide, are also available.

The website’s offerings also include Oklahoma Agritourism publications and brochures from attractions around the state.

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