Pandemic safety precautions for holiday traveling overseas

“We all have our own rules and regulations and we have to follow other countries.”

MACON, Ga. — Taking safety precautions while traveling overseas is amplified because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Judy Norman is the owner of Classy Destinations Travel Agency. She says the travel business has changed a lot since the pandemic began. 

“Travel restrictions are changing by the day according to the level of COVID that is in the area,” Norman said.

Because travel restrictions are constantly changing, “We have to keep up on all of the rules and regulations in every country,” Norman said.

Norman says each day her company checks the web site for various countries’ embassies to look for new changes.

That way, they can keep their customers notified.

“We understand that people who book flights online may not get that information, but it’s very important to know,” Norman said.

Norman recommends that travelers research the rules of the country they’re visiting before they get there, because some are stricter than others. 

“We all have our own rules and regulations and we have to follow other countries’,” Norman said.

If you do not abide by the rules and regulations, you might end up getting stranded in another country.

Director of International Programs at Mercer University Julie Strecker says they’re doing their part to ensure that international students do not get stuck at home. 

“We tell the students to consider the risks in traveling right now, we ask them to make sure they understand the guidelines when they go home. We talk to them about the CDC guidelines to make sure they know that things may not look the same when they return,” Strecker said.

Strecker says she wants students to prepare not only for the benefits, but any problems that can occur while traveling outside of the country. 

“We tend to think about all of the unexpected variables, so we’re trying to get them to along those lines as well,” Strecker said.

Judy Norman encourages people who are traveling outside of the U.S. to call a travel agency so that they can keep you updated with the latest regulations and changes that country may have.

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