Peter Greenberg Looks Ahead to the Future of Travel

Emmy-award winning journalist, travel editor, producer and author Peter Greenberg was the Virtual Travel & Adventure Show’s special guest for the program’s Africa, Middle East and Antarctica Adventure & Exploration show.

Greenberg showed some clips of his show, The Royal Tour, in which heads of state give Greenberg a tour of some of the country’s highlights. He showed clips from Israel, Egypt and Rwanda.


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Reopening from COVID-19

He has been traveling around the world throughout the pandemic and offered his best tips: travel safely, travel responsibly and travel intelligently. Take stock from everything you’re wearing, to what you pack to eat to where you eat or drink. Wear a double mask and try not to eat anything during your flight. Also, turn off the air nozzle above your seat as you fly.

Research safety protocols when you pick your hotels and restaurants to visit, and stay away from crowded super-spreader events. Also learn about the destination’s COVID-19 regulations so that you’re prepared and won’t break any rules.

As for how he sees the future of travel, he believes that it will be less about traveling to hugely popular tourist destinations and more about the organic experience of travel as a way to learn. The most popular tourist destinations will keep capacity limits for places like Venice.

Tour group sizes will be much smaller for a few more years, as will hotel capacity. Airlines will require proof of vaccine in order to fly. Cruises will visit lesser-known but no less important and beautiful destinations. Travel agents will remain as important as ever.

“As we see this intersection happening between a much more widespread dissemination of the vaccine, new reliable rapid response testing and of course the huge pent-up demand for travel…when that happens, around the end of March or early April, fasten your seatbelt: we’re getting back, and we’ll do it responsibly, we’ll do it safely and we’ll be able to once again do what we love to do, and that is travel the world.”

The Virtual Travel & Adventure Show’s Adventure & Exploration event hosted live talks and informational booths from top brands like Hurtigruten, Israel and Go Touch Down. The organization plans on having three more events, focusing on topics such as Road Trips USA and LGBTQ Travel.

For more information about Peter Greenberg and his travel tips and news, please visit Peter Greenberg Worldwide.

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